Virtual Pilot 3D is a complete scam!

Please do your homework better than I did, I spent some hard earned money on a software not working and I can’t blame anyone else but me! Unfortunately … but I hope that I save at least one of you from doing the same mistake.

The Virtual Pilot 3D (also known as VirtualPilot3D) is just a rebrand of the old and outdated flight sim software named FlightGear that was distributed under the GNU GPL license up until some years ago. From what I now know this is the same rebrand as has been tried before under different names, FlightSim Pro and others. On their homepage there are photos stolen from everywhere, Nasa, Flight Gear and other places. Right now an other sloppy repackaging is sold under the name of ProFlightSimulator as well.


Directly linked from Nasa homepage …


… and here is the picture directly from FlightGear’s site …

When I found out, I did of course dispute the transaction with Paypal but I experienced a lot of problems with their dispute portal so I lost the dispute to this scam company. I have tried to get in touch with Paypal via their web based email form but I receive no response even though I am very polite and just ask them not to ignore me. And yes, I have checked my spam filter for lost emails … 😉

So just a word of advice, take your business elsewhere!