About me


I am just a happy amateur who has been photographing since 1986. From the beginning with Canon EOS gear, after that a few years with different point ‘n shoot cameras until the interest for photography became strong enough around 2005. I ones again came into photography with a few low end Nikon products that still produced great results, they were upgraded almost instantly, and upgraded again and again when I realized how much fun this was.

Other interests of mine, that are perfect for someone with photography as an interest, are airplanes and flying, motorcycles and automobiles, nature, American national parks with Yellowstone as a clear favorite, wild animals … Well, there is just so much that I can add to this list.

From 2010 I started to use the RAW format, saving the captures using lossless compression, which means that I convert my photos to jpg’s after they have left the camera, specially for those captures that will be handled in post processing afterwards. I use Nikon Capture NX2 as well as Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 in combination with different plugin’s, and for cataloging I use Adobe Lightroom.

I have passed two higher education within this area, one named Digital Post Processing and one called Photography – Visual Communication. Both gained me 7,5 higher education points each as well as a better knowledge and understanding.

My daily income comes from being a project manager with a Canadian based IT company where I mainly manage large IT infrastructure projects when in-sourcing customer IT into our operation.

I am a frequent traveler and I always travel with a computer and a lot of camera gear, luckily for me they rarely weigh the hand luggage at check-in … 😉 … and my best gear all categories is my Lowepro Pro Roller X100! My shoulders applaud it everytime I am on a trip!



please email petterniklas@andersnordh.com ...